Image Consultant / Stylist


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♦ Image Assessment

Allow Constance to provide tips on colors, styles, textures and shapes that work best for you! CKF create focuses on enhancing your look while considering your personal, business and social lifestyle. Styling you to look and be the best you!

♦ Color & Body/Fit Analysis

Not sure what colors look best on you? Or what shape or style of apparel enhances your body type? Constance will provide a color and body analysis, which will give you a story that works best for you in color and shape. Color swatches and Look book included.

 ♦ What’s in your Closet?

CKF create is dedicated to improving your overall appearance. While keeping in mind your lifestyle, Constance will provide suggestions on the clothing in your closet using her  R³ process – Retire, Retain or Renew. Prepare yourself for a fun and productive session with CKF create, you and your closet. The goal is to provide you with a closet that reflects you at your best.

♦ Personal Shopping

Constance is a passionate shopper! With her keen eye for details and knowledge as a seamstress, she understands structure, porportion, texture and fabric quality. These tools allow her to approach the fashion market effectively, dedicated in finding that right fashion forward attire for you.

Personal shopping for this young lady, the blue selections brought out her eyes. Clothes by Nordstrom
Personal shopping for this young lady, the blue selections brought out her eyes. Clothes by Nordstrom


♦ 10 Essentials “Must Haves” 

Discover the 10 essential items that everyone should have in their closet. These 10 pieces serve as a foundation in the construction of your wardrobe and will cause you to rethink how you shop and dress.  Saving you time, cost and providing the answer  ~ “What am I going to wear today?” Constance will give tips on choosing the best 10 Essentials to match your color, silhouette and style.

♦ Personal Stylist

Do you have a special event to attend and just don’t know what to wear? Allow Constance to find that special outfit for you. With her passion for shopping and keen eye to details, she will search out that right garment that fits you best in color, body form and style.