Style 101


The basics to style include: standard pieces, adding the right accessories and owning your look. Made this wide legged white jumpsuit which can be teamed with any color for any occasion.


Denim on denim kind of day!


Denim styles come and denim styles go and like most you hold on to your denim. So you have all this denim hanging in your closet, the great thing about this new denim trend, you can wear it all together. Combine your denim jackets, shirts, and jeans, for a great denim look. Remember those 80’s denim dresses, grab it and combine it with jeans as I’ve done here. Don’t be afraid to jump on the denim crave.


Simple Scarf StyleIMG_4319Hello! Decided to close out February in support of “Red Dress” American Heart Assoc. month. Styled myself in this basic red dress, teamed it with a flowy leopard print scarf and statement necklace.