Kimble Fashion Dolls Intro

In my quest to seek self-care during the nation’s early quarantined months I examined “what brings me joy”. One of those things was doll making. In the 80s I created dolls during the popular cabbage patch era. I loved watching the soft sculpture body come to life by my own hands, crafted from fabric, yarn and faux fur. I thoroughly enjoyed this craft.  As the course of life changed over the years, I tucked away my doll making items, and started my life as a wife and mother.

In 2015 my passion for fashion and sewing resurfaced and I started designing. During that time, I envisioned Kimble girls, a collection of soft sculptured fashion dolls. I drew sketches of faces and fashions and tucked them away in a folder. An impulse reopened that folder and excitedly I’m bringing that vision to life! Dreaming a world of Kimble girls, these dolls are crafted with an array of rich skin tone fabrics which represent the beautiful women of my family.

Kimble Fashion Dolls are gorgeous cotton handmade keepsake dolls created with children of color in mind. This collection of dolls is constructed to represent a beautiful array of skin tones, hair textures and fashionable styles in which children of color identify. Each doll’s face is detailed and crafted by hand embroidery and uniquely her own.

My purpose is to create dolls who represent children of color. To encourage, inspire and nurture an imaginative playtime while identifying images of beauty, strength and love.

    KIMBLE ~ Kindred Images of Myself, to Believe, Love and Explore

Doll maker/Designer:

           Constance Kimble Franklin

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